Building your own table vs buying one

I wanted to replace my old dining table and I’m not sure whether to build it on my own or just simply buy one. So I told myself, let me do an analysis which option would be more favorable on my side.

Then I started to think, pull the chair towards the old dining table sat on it , get a piece of paper and pen and jotted down all the necessary considerations. The first item on my checklist is, do I have the skill or the woodworking talent to be able to craft a nice or even workable table? I have some experience of doing wood works before , so I answered myself yes, I want to give it a try.Then the next second item is, do I have the tools to execute my plan. So I went to my store room and look for the tools. There I was fortunate to find the wood clamp, wooden saw, power sander, wood glue , right angles, etc. So I guess as far as the necessary tools are concerned , I all have it and I can start to build my table.

But wait a minute! Do I have the wood? And to my luck, I still have some reclaimed wood and rough sawn lumber , this will just make a nice and sturdy dining table. Since I have all the basic requirements for building my own table such as the skill, the tools and the right material, so I decided to proceed on the construction of the table. But if it is not the case then better opt to just buy a new one. You can purchase at ikea and just assemble it on your own. And if you have some more budget then may be you can buy a more elegant and already built one.

I hope my checklist of either building my own table or just buying a new one also guided and helped you reach the right conclusion.